The Beachy Glaze collection is a food-safe and lead-free wheel-thrown pottery collection!

Visual feel and touch are important to Kimberly, especially for a ceramic collection designed to be used. The right combination of weight, feel, and design can add feeling to simple moments or actions. The weighty and smooth feel and symbiotic muted colors of The Beachy Glaze collection brings a feeling of peace.

The Beachy Glaze Collection began in 2020. Kimberly, who loves playing with glaze combinations, discovered that a mix of two high-fire glazes created a layered glaze effect that reminds her of the beach. Imagine dry sand leading up to darker sand, wet by the ocean waves moving in and you have these ceramic pieces.

Kimberly loves this wheel-thrown pottery collection because of its relaxing and calm nature and plans to expand it continuously. The combination of glazes tends to be finicky, however, resulting in a lot of Beachy wannabes, unfortunately. Still, as more are successfully exiting the kiln, they will be added to the gallery and shop.

A strong, plastic, high-fire clay, Balcones White, creates the Beachy Glaze wheel-thrown pottery collection. As a result, it is great for frequent beverage use and is food and dishwasher safe. High fire pottery, if treated well, will be beautiful for years to come. Order a member of the Beachy collection from our shop before they float away!

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Kimberly Koltcz
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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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