The Beehive Ceramic Mug Collection is a food-safe and lead-free wheel-thrown pottery!

Visual feel and touch are important to Kimberly, especially for a ceramic collection designed to be used. The right combination of weight, feel, and design can add feeling to simple moments or actions. The Beehive Ceramic Mug Collection mugs are mid to lightweight, lighthearted, a comfortable hold, and soft feeling which, aids in the enjoyment of life’s moments.

The Beehive Mug Collection is a High-Fire, durable collection which began being crafted in 2020 and was inspired by Kimberly’s sister’s love of bees. The mug has been thrown and shaped on a wheel. Glazes vary but the very first was the Honey-Glazed Beehive mug created in 2020 which featured a little bee on the handle.

The glazes used for this collection are food-safe and contain no lead. High-fire ceramics are perfect for everyday use and should last for many years with proper care and handling.

A strong, plastic, high-fire clay, Balcones White, creates the Honey-glazed Ceramic Collection. As a result, it is great for frequent beverage use and is food and dishwasher safe. High fire pottery, if treated well, will be beautiful for years to come. Order a BeehiveMug from our SHOP before they abscond.

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Kimberly Koltcz
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