Photographic Kaleidoscopes make for exciting & unique fabrics/surface decoration that you will not find anywhere else; Blue Jelly 1 Patterned Men’s Apparel is no exception.

Photographic Kaleidoscopes are created by taking apart original photographs and reassembling them to make beautiful pattern compositions. These Blue Jelly 1 designs were created from an original photograph, a blue-hued image of a jellyfish, taken by Kimberly.

These Blue Jelly 1 Patterned Men’s Apparel items are created by placing our original designs on products offered by PoD services (Printful). These products are in no way manufactured or shipped by Art Cathartic- they come straight from the manufacturer to you.

Please see the manufacturing specs for sizing and product information and review our return/replacement/exchange policy for PoD products.

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