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  • Be like clay
    I want to be like clay! That’s an odd statement to make. Isn’t it? Well, let me explain. Me, I feel hope when I think of myself as clay. I’ve been shaped and reshaped and turned into many things. I’ve put myself together, and nope that didn’t work out right, and I’ve had to try …
  • Things I’ve learned from Ceramics/Pottery
    I admit I’m a bit thick-headed. Sometimes I don’t learn lessons that I logically understand but in practice don’t until something teaches me the same lesson but differently. Then I’m all, “ooooohhh, I get it now.” I feel like before I put my hands onto clay, I floundered a lot when it came to art. …
  • What is up with your maker’s mark?!
    Have you seen my mark? Can you make sense of it?
  • I don’t wanna…
    You know those things that you wish you didn’t have to do… this is one of them.
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