Please enjoy the pottery creations of Kimberly Koltcz. Some of these items may be up for sale in the shop. If you would like to order specific work based on items you see here, please feel free to use our website contact form to make that request.

Low Fire Pottery

Low-fire clay is versatile. It can be used to throw and create beautiful shapes as any high-fire clay, but it also holds up to sculpture and texture. Low Fire clay does not vitrify when firing, and therefore, it isn’t inherently food-safe due to bacteria growth issues unless it is fully glazed, and then it is food and dishwasher-safe.

Information on glazing and food-safe use is posted with each item and is dependent on how that item was glazed.

No lead glazes are ever used by Art Cathartic.

High Fire Pottery

High Fire pottery is fully vitrified and, therefore, inherently good for food use, as long as food-safe glazes are used. High-fire clays do not stand up as well as low-fire in keeping structure and form and are used mainly for throwing.

All Art Cathartic high-fire glazes used are lead-free and food-safe according to current standards.