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What is up with your maker’s mark?!

What is up with your maker’s mark?!

Maker’s mark- to have or not to have one. For a while I just wrote my name on the bottom of all of my pottery, just as I would sign a painting or drawing. But, after seeing so many nice little stamps people had made I just couldn’t resist. They look so clean, tidy and professional.

This is mine:

Kimberly Koltcz Art Cathartic Icon, wheel-thrown pottery, ceramics, hand-build pottery, sculpture, paintings, drawings and illustration

Do you understand it? Probably not. It’s okay, I’m a little odd and quirky and I like things to not have such obvious meaning. I spent a lot of time playing with what I wanted. I like the graphic look I came up with and I don’t think anyone will randomly have the same one.

Below is how I ended up creating mine. How did you create yours? Did you go for easy readability, creativeness, obscure meaning, a favorite object? I would love to see other’s marks and find out how and why they became what they use. So how does my maker’s mark relate to anything? Check out my image breakdown!

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