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I don’t wanna…

I don’t wanna…

So here is the thing. I CAN build websites. Like, completely from scratch websites. I did for years for $$. But, I really really really don’t want to. I don’t enjoy it. It’s not creative in the right way for me.

Me- I want to make. Give me stuff and let me make. But it seems like no matter what I want to make, there needs to be a website. Designed Vegan T-shirts- website. Portfolio online- website. Make artwork and ceramics- website. I’ve tried to go “easy.” I don’t build my sites from scratch; why should I? It’s too easy to get WordPress and personalize it up, so much built-in functionality, not so much banging of heads on desks to make things do what you want them to…. well, not as much. But still, I don’t want to.

I feel annoyance brewing every minute I sit here, fiddling with things, trying to get stuff online- wondering how many new things I could have made with this time. But it’s got to be done, right? I finally decided to divide my time- after two weeks straight of messing with social media, websites, and getting things ready for my websites. In the morning I make, in the afternoon I work. Hopefully, with a bit more balance the annoyance can stay at bay and I can both make, share, and SELL beautiful things.

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